New name for Azure Active Directory

To unify the Microsoft Entra product family, reflect the progression to modern multicloud identity security, and simplify secure access experiences for all, we’re renaming Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to Microsoft Entra ID.

No action is required from you

If you’re using Azure AD today or are currently deploying Azure AD in your organizations, you can continue to use the service without interruption. All existing deployments, configurations, and integrations will continue to function as they do today without any action from you.

You can continue to use familiar Azure AD capabilities that you can access through the Azure portal, Microsoft 365 admin center, and the Microsoft Entra admin center.

Only the name is changing

All features and capabilities are still available in the product. Licensing, terms, service-level agreements, product certifications, support and pricing remain the same.

Service plan display names will change on October 1, 2023. Microsoft Entra ID Free, Microsoft Entra ID P1, and Microsoft Entra ID P2 will be the new names of standalone offers, and all capabilities included in the current Azure AD plans remain the same. Microsoft Entra ID – currently known as Azure AD – will continue to be included in Microsoft 365 licensing plans, including Microsoft 365 E3 and Microsoft 365 E5. Details on pricing and what’s included are available on the pricing and free trials page.

Diagram showing the new name for Azure AD and Azure AD External Identities.

During 2023, you may see both the current Azure AD name and the new Microsoft Entra ID name in support area paths. For self-service support, look for the topic path of “Microsoft Entra” or “Azure Active Directory/Microsoft Entra ID.”

Identity developer and devops experiences aren’t impacted by the rename

To make the transition seamless, all existing login URLs, APIs, PowerShell cmdlets, and Microsoft Authentication Libraries (MSAL) stay the same, as do developer experiences and tooling.

Microsoft identity platform encompasses all our identity and access developer assets. It will continue to provide the resources to help you build applications that your users and customers can sign in to using their Microsoft identities or social accounts.

Naming is also not changing for:

Frequently asked questions

When is the name change happening?

The name change will start appearing across Microsoft experiences after a 30-day notification period, which started July 11, 2023. Display names for SKUs and service plans will change on October 1, 2023. We expect most naming text string changes in Microsoft experiences to be completed by the end of 2023.

Why is the name being changed?

As part of our ongoing commitment to simplify secure access experiences for everyone, the renaming of Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID is designed to make it easier to use and navigate the unified and expanded Microsoft Entra product family.

What is Microsoft Entra?

Microsoft Entra helps you protect all identities and secure network access everywhere. The expanded product family includes:

Identity and access managementNew identity categoriesNetwork access
Microsoft Entra ID (currently known as Azure AD)Microsoft Entra Verified IDMicrosoft Entra Internet Access
Microsoft Entra ID GovernanceMicrosoft Entra Permissions ManagementMicrosoft Entra Private Access
Microsoft Entra External IDMicrosoft Entra Workload ID


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