Some facts about myself πŸ™‚Β 

Grew up in the motherland, had a rather interesting and adventurous childhood. I like sports, music, writing & reading anything interesting I chance upon, travelling, culturally diverse and favourite digit is 9, wonder why πŸ™‚ . I hate spam and trolls since they can be very distractive. I’m not a fan of Nukes unless simulated in games, of course a played a lot of computer games growing up.

I realised my passion for Tech by age 18. I have also found myself occasionally on the artistic side of things doing what i love to do e.g disc jockeying, writing music lyrics, sketching amongst others. I wouldn’t mind grabbing a beer or two to explain what i meant much more into details

I like to jog occasionally, skip, soccer and shoot darts with the young boss man πŸ™‚ whiles keeping fair play in mind πŸ˜‰ . When it comes to food I don’t have a favourite but wouldn’t mind trying new food. I am very nocturnal by nature and if you care to know, that could be the only reason I could finish this at midnight (facts :)).

Above all, I keep working on mastering my craft anytime I get the opportunity coz I want to become a master at it. Below is an idea of how i have progressed over the years.

Career Timeline

January 1 2009

Intilia Group DMS

January 1 2010

Infonaligy Inc

February 1 2014


October 1 2015


February 12 2016


May 12 2018

Basicsupport plus

Basic Support
July 16 2018